We are focusing on upgrading the employees’ knowledge; therefore we provide highly skilled accounting and bookkeeping services, professional tax consultations on financial resources and tax planning.

• Accounting and bookkeeping. Our experts take care of general accounting and bookkeeping, taxes to be paid, payroll service, control of taxation duty, supply of the necessary data and documentation. Our clients are provided with the information and timely reports on the financial results of the company. Financial reports are being prepared according to the Republic of Lithuania normative legal acts and also according to the forms submitted by the clients.
• Representation in the governmental institutions.  Our experts represent the clients in all tax administrative institutions (State Tax Inspectorate, State Social Insurance, and Department of Statistics).
• Finance and tax consulting. Our experts provide consultations on accounting, taxation and optimisation of expenses.
• Communication and representation services. Upon the request of a client we provide communication services (providing post address for receiving correspondence, etc.), represent our client in other institutions, companies and organisations.