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GAAP takes care of all financial solutions - from impeccable accounting management and representation to the establishment of professional financial consulting companies, tax planning and other issues.

Our specialization is 7 main areas.

Financial analysis → All financial management issues, systematization of information, preparation of conclusions (reports)
Accounting → Tax accounting, control of tax liabilities, proper preparation of documents and submission of data
Representation in state institutions → Purposeful representation in state institutions of tax administration
Communication and representation services → Professional communication services and representation in various institutions
Financial and tax consulting → Expert consulting on accounting, tax, cost optimization issues
Company formation → All company formation issues - from consultations and preparation of documents to comprehensive representation and reorganization
Neglected accounting management → Consulting, targeted evaluation and administration of financial documents

Experience, quality and professionalism speak for us. We do not apply the same standards to all companies, but first we assess, identify the needs and provide the most optimal and completely individual solution. We look at the situation flexibly, perform accounting on the basis of the approved and verified business and international accounting standards. We provide all the necessary information and help at every step of the implementation of the established plan, so that you can not only anticipate your company’s  further activities, but also ensure its continuity.

GAAP. Everything is from one source. And everything - in one environment.